Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another school year ends...

As many of you can tell, I am what my friend calls " a semi-annual blogger"! I usually wait until I have a few a pics on my camera to upload before I do a blog post! So here are a few pics from May that I have to post! Miles had an award ceremony at the end of his first grade year. He did get a few awards, but I can't even remember what they were for! I do know what they were NOT for- Perfect attendence, straight 'A's, or the Highest test score! Here are a few pics of him and his friends showing off their awards!
Miles had Hawaiian day the last week of school, they did all kinds of fun stuff! Coconut bowling, fishing, made t-shirts, visors, hula skirts, ate sno-cones and fruit kabobs! What an end to a great 1st grade year!
Bailee also made it through her first year of middle school, yay! I wish I could say it was with flying colors, but she definitely struggled! Maybe next year will be better for her because she will be more familiar with the middle school schedule, we can hope anyway! She also just started attending Young Women's, which is awesome for her, even though she says she still misses primary! Bailee is not one of those girls that can't wait to grow up, she is quite the opposite, she wants to stay a kid forever! (call me crazy... but I think she might get that from her dad).

Birthday Fun!

Miles turned seven this year, and while we got away with not having a big party for Bailee, we couldn't get out of having a party for Miles! He had his party at the bowling alley (again) and invited some friends from school and neighborhood to come, he had a fun time bowling and eating pizza and cake with everyone! I still haven't been able to get a good pic of him on his new bike that Nana gave him, but I got a few pics of him trying out his skimboarding slip n slide thing that he got for his birthday, with all the skimboarding he's been doing lately, he should be able to do it for real at the beach this summer!

*Notice Miles' haircut? I am still upset about it! I loved his hair longer, but the principal at his school kept telling him that he needed a haircut( according to school rules it couldn't touch his collar, or go below his eyebrows) so I took him to get a trim and of course the lady messed it up really bad, so I took the clippers to it! I am never cutting his hair again! He says he likes it, and I I guess I have no choice but to deal with it until it grows out again!

Universal Studios

The kids had a great time at Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios while Nana was here for their birthday's! Miles has been wanting to go on the Spiderman ride for years, so we finally went and it was awesome! The other favorite ride was the new Simpsons Ride, and I have to say, it was pretty fun! I recommend it to anyone that is going to Universal soon!

Bailee turns Twelve!

This year Bailee's birthday consisted of: a special visit from her Nana, a birthday dinner at Chili's( her choice), Universal Studios, staying at a hotel and swimming for two days straight in Orlando, and of course Gifts! ( clothes, swimming suits, jewelry, scrapbooking stuff and webkinz!) Thanks to my mom who always makes the kids birthday's so special and for making the effort to come out here to take them to do all the fun stuff they only get to do when Nana is here! (and a big thanks to my Dad for letting her!)We love them and appreciatte everything they do for us!