Sunday, August 10, 2008

We're back!!

I know it has been a while since my last post, we have probably lost a few of our blog followers in the meantime! We have been busy, but I finally have a minute to post a few things. The kids and I were lucky to be able to spend most of our summer in Utah with all of our family and friends that live there. It seems like everytime we go, we try to pack in more fun stuff than the year before! This year my parents went out of their way to make sure my kids got to experience all the great things about Utah(besides their usual favorites like Classic skating, Boondocks, Lake Powell, and Cafe Rio!) It always goes by way too fast, but I know that my kids will have great memories of spending time with their Nana, Grandpa, and cousins in Utah every year. I apologize in advance for the extra long post, but we had a lot to fit in!

I know it seems like ages ago, but here are a few pics from the 4th of July parade in Sandy

Bentley and Bailee

the Crook cousins (except Mclaren) in red, white, and blue

Bentley playing football with the big boys, ready to catch!

Lake Powell

Bailee was an awesome wakeboarder this year, she never wanted to quit!

Everyone up on the cliff waiting their turn to jump...some were more nervous than others!
Its hard to see, but that's Zander and Miles getting up the courage to jump! They both did it!

Tasha and Ozzie hanging out on the boat

Best buds Jax and Miles

Livvy smiling pretty for the camera!

Ty, Josh, and Zach were able to get all the little kids to try something new(or force them to try!) they all did surfing (even Bentley and Zakrie) and some did skiing. We were all wondering how Ty was getting the boys to do so much until we learned that he was bribing them with expensive gifts like Nintendo DS's or an Xbox 360 if they could stay up for so long...miles is still waiting for his Xbox 360 Ty!

the kids and I with Grandma Crook at a family reunion

It was so perfect that we got to Utah in time for Mclaren's blessing, Josh gave her a beautiful blessing and I am so glad we were able to be there for her special day.

24th of July at This is the Place Monumentwe had a memorable 24th of July this year, since my kids don't really have many chances to visit places like this living in Florida, I really wanted them to go learn more about the pioneers and their heritage, lucky for us my parents were happy to come, even though they have probably seen it a hundred times!

bailee and miles stamping leather
Bailee standing in front of the Pack home, which is pretty cool since we are descendants of him(Sean's mother's maiden name is Pack and John Pack is her great, great grandfather( i think thats right?)
trying out the handcarts...our kids have it so easy!

I think it was one of the hottest days in Utah, but my parents were so nice to brave the heat and come do all the activities with the kids.

Bailee sitting at the foot of the monument next to John Pack's name

We were also able to go to Temple Square this summer and then we watched a movie at the visitor's center.

It was so nice to just sit in the backyard and talk, play with the kids, and take turns holding the baby!

Where the baby is... the little girls are! They are so cute and motherly, they just stand over you while you have the baby, patiently waiting for their turn to hold her.

the kids and Nana playing baseball in the backyard

One day we took the kids up to Snowbird, hoping to ride the tram, but it was closed due to weather, so we did other stuff up in the mountains. The kids were shocked to feel the freezing cold water in the river!
We rode the lift up the mountain and took the small version of the alpine slide back down, it was fun!

Bailee waiting to go down the slide, Miles and I were on another sled together, which was a big mistake because we were way to heavy and we went soo slow!