Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!(View at your own Risk, Seriously!!)

Here are a few pics from the neighborhood Halloween party
What a cute and scary bunch of kids!

Went with an Olympic theme this year...Michael Phelps and an injured Olympic gymnast

Michael Phelps and a dead guy

Dead guy passing out candy at Trunk-or-Treat

Bailee at trunk-or-treat as an 80's prom queen(didn't have time to put on her dead make-up!)

Bailee and Tori as prom queens!
Bailee after trick or treating as a dead 80's prom queen!

This year was definitely not our best year for costumes! I made Bailee's, Miles' was made in the garage by sean 5 min before party, I was limited to whatever would go with a pink cast and crutches, and Sean was basically wearing underwear! There's always next year...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

An Update...

I know, I know, I have been boring everyone to death with my blog lately! I'm sorry that I am such a slacker, I really have no excuse, especially since I have been stuck at home for the last 4 weeks with nothing to do! I don't usually blog without having pics of some fun event or family outing, but this time I am trying something new.

The kids have been busy doing homework, soccer, and more work around the house than usual! I'm sure they are just as anxious for me to get my cast off as I am, they have been pretty good about helping me, but I can only ask them to do so many things before they start to get really annoyed! Miles joined the chess team at his school, and he has been playing it afterschool with his friend or sean, he has even had sean wake him up extra early before school so they can play in peace and quiet together! I think it is so cute, considering he is not a morning person at all! Bailee usually has alot of homework and hardly ever has time to do anything else during the week, except for Young Womens and soccer. I did make it out of the house yesterday to go to her Evening of Excellence, she did a good job doing a pioneer dance with the other beehives while wearing the long skirts that they made themselves.

I just want to say thanks to everyone that brought in dinner to us, or lunch to me! We really appreciatted it and are so lucky to know such kind and thoughtful people! I also want to say thanks again to my Mom for coming out here and helping me and the kids out so much! There is something about having your Mom around when you are sick or in need that makes everything seem better, even if it's not. She cooked for us, cleaned( a ton!), shopped, and ran the kids around to help Sean out. During the day, I was spoiled and stayed in bed resting while she did laundry, cleaned, and then went out to get lunch for me...sounds rough, I know! Apart from the pain, annoying cast, and not being able to leave the house, I guess there are worse things than breaking your foot!