Friday, February 29, 2008

Family Vacation

There is nothing better than swimming with your cousins, riding the rides at Disneyworld, seeing Shamoo at Seaworld and and having your entire family there to share it with you! Last week we were so lucky to have our family come to Florida for a fun and relaxing vacation. Its hard to believe how fast the kids grow up, but having moments like these helps you to treasure the time that they are young. We had such a great week, the kids missed a few days of school, but it was well worth all the make-up work we are doing now! Thanks to our wonderful parents that made it all possible, we love you!
Bailee and Olivia on the Dumbo ride

Miles and Donald in the classic character picture. This year at Disney I think we might have spent more time in line to get autographs than we did to actually ride the rides!

Cute Bentley, I always try to get a picture of him smiling, but he is so busy that its really hard to do!

Olivia and Bentley holding hands, they are so cute together! They love each other and have their own little conversations with each other when they are together.

Standing next to the cartoon character on the wall at the Nickelodeon hotel

Bailee swimming with Ellie, even though there is a seven year age difference, Bailee loves to play with her!

Cute Ellie

Jaxson and Miles, wanted to dress like twins, loved spending every minute together!

The best Grandpa ever!

The whole crew (soon to be one more!) I am sure Kim or Lindsey got a better picture of all of them together, but this is the best one I have! I guess 2 out of 6 looking at the camera is better than nothing!

Go Jags!

Bailee decided to try cheerleading this year. I was a little hesitant at first, but I thought it might help her become a little more confident and outgoing, so I signed her up. I think she likes it so far, here are a few pics of her in cheerleading action!

Keeping up with Miles...

One of the ways Miles has been spending his afternoons and weekends is practicing his skateboarding skills on the new ramps built in our backyard. I know you are probably jealous of our very attractive backyard and patio, especially the big pieces of plywood protecting the glass sliding doors, it looks hideous! but I guess if it keeps Miles active and away from the video games and TV it can't be all bad!

He keeps trying!
Again, not very good pictures, but Miles started playing basketball a few weeks ago and he is doing pretty well, he is definitely not the star player or anything, but at least he is excited to go!This is a big switch from T-Ball when he complained before every practice!