Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Our New Addition...

Well as you can see, the fish did not fulfill the need for another cat. Yes, I am a sucker and Bailee was able to talk me into getting a kitten. She was so excited when I brought her home, I don't think she thought we were going to get one this soon. It is a cute kitten(named Stella), but I am hoping she will calm down a little bit! She gets a little too playful and scratches and bites a lot, I don't think our other cat likes her very much either!

Spring Break!!

Well spring break has come and gone for us down here in Florida, but is was fun while it lasted! We had perfect beach weather, so here we are getting some sun and hanging out on the beach with our friends. We had a nice break from homework and getting up early, but it's been quite an adjustment getting back into the routine again!