Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Disco Diva and Jango Fet

We had an Awesome Halloween this year! I love it when the kids pick costumes that don't require a lot of messy make-up or black haircoloring! Here are a few pics of the kids in their costumes.Bailee and Miles at Trunk-or-Treat Jesse(cousin) and Bailee at Trunk-or-Treat
Bailee doing one of her 70's disco poses before trick-or treating
A close-up of the Diva
Jango-Fet(miles) and his friend Naruto(makhi)
The whole Trick-or-Treating gang!
We all met at a friends for Pizza before the fun began!

Fall Festival Day

Miles and his pumpkin masterpiece! He got to do a lot of fun activities during school on Halloween day, but it still didn't make up for not being able to wear his costume to school and have a parade!