Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Disco Diva and Jango Fet

We had an Awesome Halloween this year! I love it when the kids pick costumes that don't require a lot of messy make-up or black haircoloring! Here are a few pics of the kids in their costumes.Bailee and Miles at Trunk-or-Treat Jesse(cousin) and Bailee at Trunk-or-Treat
Bailee doing one of her 70's disco poses before trick-or treating
A close-up of the Diva
Jango-Fet(miles) and his friend Naruto(makhi)
The whole Trick-or-Treating gang!
We all met at a friends for Pizza before the fun began!

Fall Festival Day

Miles and his pumpkin masterpiece! He got to do a lot of fun activities during school on Halloween day, but it still didn't make up for not being able to wear his costume to school and have a parade!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to School...

It's hard to believe, but I am now the parent of a child in middle school, I know it's scary! I think I was more nervous than Bailee was for her first day in a big new school. It is such a change, 8 classes with 8 teachers, lockers, changing at school into P.E. clothes, Ahhh! All of these things were going through my head the night before school started, I just wanted to hold her back one more year because I didn't think she was ready, Sean had to reassure me that we have all been through it and survived and that Bailee would be just fine. She did make it through her first day with only one major mishap, losing her locker with all of her stuff locked in it the whole day and part of the next day, but other than that she was pretty happy with middle school!

Miles had his first day of First grade and loves his new teacher, the only thing that is hard for him is getting up early again! He loves to sleep in, and is not very happy in the morning if he has to get up early. The first day hit him hard, he came home had a snack and was watching tv on the floor and at about 530-600pm he was asleep, I thought for sure he would wake up in an hour and then not be able to fall asleep, but he actually stayed asleep all night until 630 the next morning! It was great, I wish he'd do that every night!

Summer '07

Wow! I can't believe it has been almost 3 months since my last blog post! I am not very good at the blogging thing I guess. It is amazing how fast time flies, it seems like just yesterday it was the last day of school and we were looking forward to a long summer full of lazy days and No homework! Well summer has come and gone already, but we did have a great summer vacation this year, most of which was spent in Utah with all of our family and friends! We did so many fun things and loved every minute of the time we got to spend with everyone, we loved it so much, it was REALLY hard to come back home! Here are just a few pics from our trip to Utah...there are a couple from Lake Powell included. 4th of July with cousins(Jax, Ellie, Olivia)
Cool glasses Livvy!
Two boys Jax and Miles at the park with Kimmie!
Jax, Miles, and Hudson staying cool in Shilah's backyard!
Bailee posing for a picture while waiting for the parade to start.

Sean helping Miles wakeboard, not a very good pic, but he did stay up longer than he has before, maybe by next year he'll have it down!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Bowling Birthday Bash!

This year both Bailee and Miles wanted to go bowling for their birthday party, so instead of having them on two different days, we decided to do it all in one night! It was a little crazy, but I think it went pretty well and everyone seemed to have fun! Miles had his party first and then when his party was over 2 hrs later, Bailee had her party! (since she is older and can stay out a little later on a Friday night now) They each got a lot of cool stuff and had a blast bowling with their friends from the neighborhood and from school. Thanks again to Nana, Grandpa, Josh, Kimmie, and Bentley for their gifts to the kids sent by mail, they loved spending their birthday money! I know the pics aren't very good, but they were the only ones that remotely turned out due to the cosmic lighting at the bowling alley.

The Last Week of School...Yeah!

Just a few pictures of Miles' field trip to Green Meadows petting farm, the billy goats loved him and wouldn't stop trying to eat the buttons off of his shorts! He also got to milk a cow, ride a pony, and hold baby chicks. Miles gave a great performance at the end of the year Kindergarten singing program, they sang some really cute and funny songs like a rap version of "Bah Bah Black Sheep" it was very entertaining! Bailee also had a fun end of the year party that was especially for 5th graders, since they are now going to middle school:(

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Our New Addition...

Well as you can see, the fish did not fulfill the need for another cat. Yes, I am a sucker and Bailee was able to talk me into getting a kitten. She was so excited when I brought her home, I don't think she thought we were going to get one this soon. It is a cute kitten(named Stella), but I am hoping she will calm down a little bit! She gets a little too playful and scratches and bites a lot, I don't think our other cat likes her very much either!

Spring Break!!

Well spring break has come and gone for us down here in Florida, but is was fun while it lasted! We had perfect beach weather, so here we are getting some sun and hanging out on the beach with our friends. We had a nice break from homework and getting up early, but it's been quite an adjustment getting back into the routine again!

Monday, March 12, 2007

'Hangin Out'

Bailee and her best friend Tori doing what they love most, jumping on the trampoline and playing with Ribbons! (the cat) Bailee loves her cat! She begs me for another cat everyday, I guess I was hoping that the fish would fulfill her need for another cat, but no such luck, she still wants another cat! Here is a picture of our lovely fish, we are now down to 3.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

So Proud!

Miles also had his first real motorcycle race on Saturday. He did really well for his first time on the big track, but the dirt was really soft and hard to turn on, so he fell down a lot! Sean got his exercise though, running laps around the track to catch miles when he fell! Miles wasn't too happy coming in last place, that is until he saw the big trophy waiting for him! He was so excited and can't wait to race again!