Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Summer '07

Wow! I can't believe it has been almost 3 months since my last blog post! I am not very good at the blogging thing I guess. It is amazing how fast time flies, it seems like just yesterday it was the last day of school and we were looking forward to a long summer full of lazy days and No homework! Well summer has come and gone already, but we did have a great summer vacation this year, most of which was spent in Utah with all of our family and friends! We did so many fun things and loved every minute of the time we got to spend with everyone, we loved it so much, it was REALLY hard to come back home! Here are just a few pics from our trip to Utah...there are a couple from Lake Powell included. 4th of July with cousins(Jax, Ellie, Olivia)
Cool glasses Livvy!
Two boys Jax and Miles at the park with Kimmie!
Jax, Miles, and Hudson staying cool in Shilah's backyard!
Bailee posing for a picture while waiting for the parade to start.

Sean helping Miles wakeboard, not a very good pic, but he did stay up longer than he has before, maybe by next year he'll have it down!

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B, K & H said...

Hi Mel ~ love the new pictures!!! That is crazy about Bailee's first day of school!!! Poor girl :) that picure of the boys at Shilah's is cute!!! Miss you guys, hope you decide to move back SOON!!! Love ya!!